We Are Leading Edge Scrap & Metal Recycling Company
16 Years of Quality Service in Scrap & Metal Recycling

PGI Group is a leading edge scrap and metal recycling company operating successfully in Middle East, Far East, Asia and USA. The success story started back in 1999 with just a small yard and the selfless commitment, our concern towards the nature; we now have the honour to stand amongst the leading companies.

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Why Choose Us

In terms of Quality of production, we use the best and safest technological solutions that are pertinent to environment and offers right working environment to the workmen. Recycling has economic benefits over direct sources as recycling is secondary source of acquiring raw material; it is much more cost effective and less harming to nature.

PGI Group has a global supply chain which is subsequently rising with time. We handle all major Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap supply like aluminium, zinc, copper and lead. We follow strict procedures and all the laid norms during recycling of metals.