UAE Yard

PGI Group is an internationally acknowledged metal recycling expert group with operations extending Middle East, Far East, South East, US, UK, Europe, and Africa. We are a trusted name in the recycling industry with over 300 employee assets spread across three yards located in different parts of UAE and one in Thailand. Over the last two decades, PGI has emerged a key raw material supplier for several domestic and foreign metal manufacturers and foundries across the globe.


We procure, process, and recycle all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, using advanced machineries and equipments. We recycle most types of metal scrap including Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, HMS, high & low Nickle alloys, and Zinc in our facilities. We handle Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Copper wires, Copper cable, and Aluminium cables for cleaning, sorting, and recycling.

Our first UAE facility in Sharjah is spread across 1,20,000 sq. feet while the second facility has 100,000 sq. feet area. The third scrap metal yard situated in Al Sajaa has an area of 20,000 square feet. Cumulatively, we handle ~200,000 metric tonnes of metal scrap annually, consistently mostly non-ferrous metals


We have advanced machines and equipment to handle different types of scrap metal and recycling requirements. Here are some of the machines used in our yards.

  • Excavation grabbers are used to moving scrap metals in bulk or move heavy metals from one place to another using a claw-like structure in the machine. Our yard has 12 excavator grabbers.
  • Forklifts are used to carry heavy loads between two locations. We are equipped with 13 Forklifts with different capacities (3 tons, 5 tons, and 7 tons) at our yard.
  • Mobile cranes come with a boom in which a hook is suspended to shelves and wire ropes. They are used to pull heavy metal from one place to another.
  • A fixed grabber with a capacity of 10-meter distance reach is used to shift metals within the yard.
  • Hydraulic Baler machines are heavy speed, fully automated machines used to reduce the scrap materials in two dimensions with hydraulic force.
  • Automatic Insulated Copper Wire (ICW) plant facilitates the segregation of copper wire from insulation in bulk quantity.
  • Hamos machines are the electro separators used for the dry separation of metals from plastics and other non-conductive materials.
  • Shearing machines are used to cut a large variety of metal scrap into suitable sizes.
  • Peeling machines are another method to segregate insulations from the metalcore. This machine ensures that the final product contains no plastic.
  • Plasma cutting machines are essential machinery in our yard, as we often need to cut oversized metals into required smaller sizes.
  • Handheld XRF elemental analyser is used for high-throughput testing and spectrochemical analysis.

  •  Optical Emission Spectrometer used to determine the chemical composition of metallic samples.

Safety measures

Safety and security of our employees is of utmost importance to us. Our HSE Officer has been mandated by management to follow “Safety First”. We use industry best practices for scrap metal recycling. We take all precautions to ensure our people are protected from all safety hazards and provide them a safe working environment. We have a dedicated safety officer who regularly trains the employees to make sure that proper safety guidelines are followed at each stage of processing. We promote health and safety training to maximize safety in our yards.

Our yard workers are equipped with PPE kits including safety helmet, safety goggles, safety dress & jackets, protective gloves, and heavy-duty boots to prevent injury and loss of life.

We strictly monitor and guide everyone who deals with hazardous materials to follow instructions. It is mandatory for the employees who work in the Lead section to use respiratory protective masks to protect themselves from Lead poisoning during the recycling process. We have safety alarm installed in our yard to prevent fire accidents. Fire-extinguisher, water-pumping station, CO2 and dry-powder is fixed at all locations in the yard. We conduct regular safety toolbox meetings to bring safety awareness among labours and supervisors. We take all precautionary measures to manage safe operations & movement of vehicles.

A day in the yard

The yard is a bustling hub of activities with cargo trucks moving in an out of the facility every day. The metal scrap cargo is first weighed and then goes through rigorous quality checks using an XRF (X-ray fluorescence) handheld analyser, a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials. The load is then cleaned and sorted for further processing including briquetting into desired shapes or recycling if needed. The final product is then dispatched and exported to customers across the globe. The waste generated is either recycled or effectively disposed of as per environment authority guidelines. The cleaning and packaging processes depends on customer requirements. We have the technology and capability to meet specific customer needs.

Our employees receive regular training in quality assurance, machine handling and recycling processes. They follow the best practices in sorting, segregating, and processing various types of scrap metal cargo that we receive in our yard.

Whether you are a corporate or an individual business looking to sell or buy metal scrap, we offer the best, most competitive prices, and we have the capability and resources to handle any metal requirement on timely basis. Contact us today.